I love Florence dearly; I spent the summer of 2007 (my first time ever abroad!!) studying Fashion Illustration there. I’d like to think this special place instilled my love for travel + culture.

Because I would be in Europe for the Berlin marathon it only made sense to end the trip somewhere warm that could offer a relaxed, easy environment to unwind a bit. Alice + Luca, my dear friends in Sardinia, invited us to spend a few days exploring the island. We were greeted with the most incredible meal. Complete with vino, espresso and limoncello. It normally doesn’t rain in Sardinia, but alas, there was a Mediterranean cyclone warning the 3 days we were there. ha! But we made the best of it. We spent a good chunk of time around the dinner table eating, drinking, and discussing design; climate change; personal passion projects; our time in Vancouver together; and how different politics are in Italy compared to the US.

The days spent with Alice + Luca were short, but so full of the kind of inspiration + love that leaves your heart feeling so warm. Lucky for me, I believe my working days with Alice are just beginning;)




After Sardinia, We headed to Florence to meet with friends from Germany + Austria. 4 ladies. A whole lot of wine. No agenda. You better believe we had a good laugh. We may have sang “Last Christmas” in an Italian karaoke bar at the beginning of October. And made best friends with the cheese guy at the deli down the street from our Airbnb.

We spent our afternoons gallivanting around. Often stopping for wine, olives and pastries. When in Italy, one must eat! Heaps.




What’s your favourite city in Italy? I still haven’t been to Venice; Saving that for my sweets;)





It’s taken me one year + a week to post this. I began writing this post a few days after leaving London. But couldn’t really think of the words to describe my experience. I wanted to share this life-changing time with all of you, but I first had to understand what all of it meant. Exactly one year and ten days ago, I crossed the London Marathon finish line. After two full days of absolutely no food or sleep, it seemed like a miracle to me.

The days leading up to my flight to London friends + family began to reach out with so much love + support. Their excitement for the race made me that much more anxious to get there. I felt as if I really was making them proud! I arrived in London with the worst case of butterflies. I was completely overwhelmed with the city, the busyness, the course set up at Buckingham Palace – My heart was racing faster than ever before. I was ecstatic. After months of hard training, cold winter runs, very early mornings, and years of hoping to be chosen for the London Marathon, there I stood. Ready to make my dream come true.

And then Bam. A big pile of crappy news stood right in front of me. The kind of news that makes you wish you could crawl into a cave forever. My heart ached. I was thousands of miles away from home and all I wanted was a hug. What was suppose to be the most exciting trip of my life then became the hardest. There I was in a completely new + exciting city numb without the slightest clue of how to continue on. I was terrified.

I remember taking the train to the starting line. My eyes were full of tears and I was convinced there was no way I’d ever to be able to finish the marathon under that condition. I contemplated turning back and hiding in my hotel room, but I knew I’d never forgive myself if I did such a thing. I didn’t want to let everyone down cheering me on over the last year. So I continued to the starting line with an empty stomach and heart hoping for the slightest bit of luck. Maybe someone would push me to the finish? Instead I ran into a group of people who kindly exchanged motivating words with me. I then looked at my phone and browsed through all of the messages my dear friends + family sent. I knew while they were thousands of miles away, they were still there rooting me on wanting only the best. As the race began, I decided to let go of that awful feeling of defeat and breathe in the love + inspiration filling the air that beautiful Sunday morning.

WWF-UK The Panda Made Me Do It London Marathon. 13/04/14

A few miles in my stomach roared as it only consumed a measly 400-600 calories (in beer form) in 48 hrs and well, that’s definitely not an ideal scenario. I ignored the roars and looked to the sweet, little British children cheering and handing out jelly babies. Their kind, little faces warmed my heart a bit.

I was absolutely starving at mile 10. Where were the bananas along the course – I finally had an appetite!! At mile 15 I began to think about “hitting the wall” at mile 19. My mind was reminding me to take it easy while my legs insisted I push harder – I decided to listen to my legs. As soon as I hit mile 20, that was it. The last 6.2 miles were rough, but that’s where I picked up my speed. I realized that my body was on my side + finishing hard was how it was going to be. It helped that before the race, I planned on thinking of a certain person each mile of the last 6. That really helped. With all the doubt before the race, I knew thinking of the people that have rooted me on throughout the training would help push me to finish. I was completing this race not for just myself but also for an organization that dedicates their life to ensuring our beautiful earth + animals are protected for generations to come. That alone gave me the extra boost. How lucky I was to be a part of such a wonderful group.

WWF-UK The Panda Made Me Do It London Marathon. 13/04/14WWF-UK The Panda Made Me Do It London Marathon. 13/04/14

I can’t even begin to articulate how emotional of a run this was. I experienced everything from joy to complete heartbreak to pain so sharp I felt like quitting.

It was one of the hardest moments and yet most rewarding time of my life. If there are three things I learnt from this, they are:

+ Never underestimate the love your family, friends, and dear ones have for you. I truly believe that love for one another is what pushes us to achieve the impossible
+ Nothing can prepare you for the unexpected hard times. No matter how awful you feel, find comfort in knowing that feeling will eventually go away – the trick is to acknowledge it and not let it define who you are + just keep going.
+ Be good to yourself. There will always be people lining up to tell you that you’re not good enough, not strong enough, crazy for flying across the ocean to run a marathon. But all of that doesn’t matter. What matters is you show up, follow your heart, and always be kind to yourself.

After one year and one week, it feels good to push publish.

ps: Good luck to all running in London this Sunday!!!






Happy Friday everyone!!! I wanted to share a very happy moment with all of you:) You may remember me briefly talking about National Geographic asking to publish a photo of mine in their “Abroad at Home” book – Well, it’s now available at your local bookstore!!

Growing up I remember my Nana + Bompa bringing piles of old National Geographic magazines to the house. I’d spend hours reading + completely in awe of the gorgeous photographs. If only I could traverse the Sahara Desert and indulge in the most satisfying croissants overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I’d then chop the magazine up and create what would be my dream life. So you can imagine how eager + excited I was to say yes when this publication reached out to me;)

This has definitely inspired me to share more around here  – I absolutely love finding, creating, and sharing the beauty I find in the everyday, so expect to see more from this gal in the upcoming months.

Ps: find the time to do what you love. I know it’s such an annoying cliché to constantly hear, but if you truly love doing something, do it! It’s so underrated. Find your passion, success will follow. Truly believe it.

With that, I’m out for the weekend! Only some spring cleaning + a photoshoot before I’m off to the East Coast next week!! Have the most wonderful weekend!!







After much talk, a trip to Portland over Halloween weekend finally happened. A couple of days of galavanting around a new city with my lady B was just what we both needed. First impression – It’s an entrepreneur’s dream city! Can we extend our stay!?!


Portland is on to something! The people are genuinely loving, passionate about their craft, and supportive of their community. It’s safe to say they’re carving out a path for sustainable living in the US – take note! From their generous bike lanes to heaps of eclectic boutiques to excellent eateries, it’s definitely my kind of city! And the families of three + four cycling together… so cute!

Highlights included strolling through Washington Park (even if the roses weren’t in full bloom!), Stumptown’s worth-the-hype coffee, perusing the book shelves of Powell Books – you could easily spend days in that book store!! Courier coffee was not only great, but the barista welcomed all my questions:) the guys behind the counter are awesome! Sips and sleep-deprived, alcohol-induced laughs at Gigantic Brewery, and Andina’s for really tasty Peruvian tapas.

This lush + green, cosy, and liveable city should find its way onto your list of must visits! I’ll meet ya there:)



Over Labor day Weekend I took somewhat of a spontaneous trip to the Okanagan. With no campsites available, we made lodging arrangements at a bed + breakfast airbnb on the Thursday night before. We’d find out on the Saturday that sometimes making last minute plans are the best! Our airbnb was beyond perfect + this road trip ended up being one for the books.

Okanagan-weekend_02Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOkanagan-weekend_05


Wine tasting, picking fruit in a local’s backyard, meals prepared straight from the garden, a half hour trip over the border into the States just so I can be “welcomed” home, hiking trails to ourselves ending in a spectacular view, heaps + heaps of sweet smiles and laughs. Absolutely lovely. sigh…:)



72 hours in Stockholm after running the London Marathon consisted mainly of lazy days in the park, heaps of beer, good eats, dreaming/analyzing life/catchups with my Austrian girlfriend, Claudia who made the trip over. Having her in Stockholm after such an emotional/whirlwind trip was such a blessing. Can’t believe how quickly time has flown since this visit. 6 months! I know I’ve been the worst at sharing photos + travels, but these definitely needed to make their debut;) This trip was a defining one – the beginning of a new chapter:) One that is proving to be much more awesome than I had ever imagined.. life is funny that way, eh!?

We’ve both been to Stockholm a few times so there wasn’t any pressure to see anything. Instead we enjoyed the lovely design of the city and the fresh, laid back lifestyle the Swedes are known for. And North America, please adopt Fika!!! Breaks are a good thing:)


hey, hey!! I wanted to pop in + say hi! I miss posting and have had every intention on finishing up the billion of posts I have had planned, but that Vancouver sun!! I just can’t justify sitting in front of the computer while there is so much going on outdoors;)

Though I have been working on a few special projects that I’m over the moon about!! I went through a few clips of the filming Kendra + I did a few weekends back, and eaaaaa – can’t wait to see it all come together + share with you guys! The two of us are spending this week finalizing details for an event I dreamt up last summer.  And now this Saturday we will make it come to life. ya! So stoked. Working with that girl is really never work!

a few snippets of my favourite moments as of late;)

+ exploring the cutest little German village
+ filling the car with fresh blooms from Pike’s Place
+ snacking seaside
+ a morning splash after a night of camping…still no s’mores!!! soon, please!?
+ cold beers at sunset


hope you’re having a wonderful one – cheers!!