This may be the first year, in my entire life, that I don’t get to experience snow! Cue weeping. While the Midwest was hit with a blizzard, I was over here dreaming of what I’d be doing if we were hit with a storm of our own… my day would look a little something like this:

wake up and throw on the cosiest sweater + socks (after a quick play in the snow, of course!)
concoct a hot teddy, grab the warmest blanket, and pop in one of the classics.
make + indulge in a delicious breakfast with extra bacon
after spending the entire afternoon snuggled up, finish the lazy day in with a luxurious bubble bath complete with the loveliest of candles:)

happy (pretend) snow days!


via  01. Jil Sander + socks  02. hot toddy recipe 03. breakie 04. ferris bueller’s 05. aesop + woodlot



Happy hump day! And Thanksgiving eve, one of my favourite holidays! Delicious food, family, friends, warm fuzzy feelings – what’s not to love!?! Canada celebrates theirs in October. And with my family a couple thousand miles away, I decided to host round two, American style, tomorrow night:) A guest list of sixteen people and a teeny, tiny apartment – it’s going to be a fun one! I’m excited to kick back + hang with my wonderful bunch but only after preparing a turkey first (wish me luck!! – it may get messy…;)

Before I head off, Kendra  + I finished up the Vancouver guide we’ve been promising all of you and it’s ready for download! click here to check it out!!!! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! Cheers!



72 hours in Stockholm after running the London Marathon consisted mainly of lazy days in the park, heaps of beer, good eats, dreaming/analyzing life/catchups with my Austrian girlfriend, Claudia who made the trip over. Having her in Stockholm after such an emotional/whirlwind trip was such a blessing. Can’t believe how quickly time has flown since this visit. 6 months! I know I’ve been the worst at sharing photos + travels, but these definitely needed to make their debut;) This trip was a defining one – the beginning of a new chapter:) One that is proving to be much more awesome than I had ever imagined.. life is funny that way, eh!?

We’ve both been to Stockholm a few times so there wasn’t any pressure to see anything. Instead we enjoyed the lovely design of the city and the fresh, laid back lifestyle the Swedes are known for. And North America, please adopt Fika!!! Breaks are a good thing:)