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Last month Kendra + I hosted our third (yes third!!) Sweet Happenings gathering. I was honestly humbled by the overall response + incredibly excited to welcome an entire room of new faces with unique perspectives. Our Spring gathering was inspired by Hygge, the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures – A ritual I was quite fond of whilst living in Scandinavia and a wonderful reminder to acknowledge ordinary, meaningful moments in the every day.

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We gathered in the beautiful space of Aviary Studio + mingled over deliciously crafted cocktails by Whiskey Muse. Reece prepared a gin, cucumber and rosemary cocktail along with a Whiskey, Orange + Vanilla syrup cocktail with subtle hints of ginger and chocolate. All of it – so good.

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As always, my favourite part of these events are listening to creatives talk about what they love. Their stories. The kind of stuff that gets them out of bed in the morning. As the conversation flowed through the room, I could’t help but smile. Here we had a room full of creatives all in attendance for the same reason – community. But their paths and perspectives so different yet the energy + connections that came about were truly inspiring.

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Our gorgeous blooms were created by Rogue Florist.

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An extra big thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors and to Andrea + Stella of Aviary Studio for allowing us to host in their beautiful space!  We’re excited to see where our gatherings will lead. To find out more about the event and attend one in the future, head over to the Sweet Happenings site.

Photography by: Jan Heuninck
Cocktails by: Whiskey Muse
Florals by: Rogue Florist
Venue: Aviary Studio



I love Florence dearly; I spent the summer of 2007 (my first time ever abroad!!) studying Fashion Illustration there. I’d like to think this special place instilled my love for travel + culture.

Because I would be in Europe for the Berlin marathon it only made sense to end the trip somewhere warm that could offer a relaxed, easy environment to unwind a bit. Alice + Luca, my dear friends in Sardinia, invited us to spend a few days exploring the island. We were greeted with the most incredible meal. Complete with vino, espresso and limoncello. It normally doesn’t rain in Sardinia, but alas, there was a Mediterranean cyclone warning the 3 days we were there. ha! But we made the best of it. We spent a good chunk of time around the dinner table eating, drinking, and discussing design; climate change; personal passion projects; our time in Vancouver together; and how different politics are in Italy compared to the US.

The days spent with Alice + Luca were short, but so full of the kind of inspiration + love that leaves your heart feeling so warm. Lucky for me, I believe my working days with Alice are just beginning;)




After Sardinia, We headed to Florence to meet with friends from Germany + Austria. 4 ladies. A whole lot of wine. No agenda. You better believe we had a good laugh. We may have sang “Last Christmas” in an Italian karaoke bar at the beginning of October. And made best friends with the cheese guy at the deli down the street from our Airbnb.

We spent our afternoons gallivanting around. Often stopping for wine, olives and pastries. When in Italy, one must eat! Heaps.




What’s your favourite city in Italy? I still haven’t been to Venice; Saving that for my sweets;)




Last month Kendra + I hosted our second Sweet Happenings event. I will admit, it was put together very last minute as both of us were traveling this summer and confirming a date was rather tricky. But I’m happy we decided to just go for it:) This time around, we extended the invitation to our peers on social media and I think that’s where, for me, it felt much more exciting! We hadn’t met most of the people in person so this event gave everyone the opportunity to really get to know one another beyond the square frame of Instagram.


We structured the afternoon around a simple, Parisian-inspired spread + conversation. We displayed two cards, each with a question we wanted everyone to ponder; “How does being a part of a creative community influence your daily life?” and “As creatives, do you feel a responsibility to contribute something bigger than yourself?” The second question really resonated with me as this past year I’ve felt more of an urge to create more meaningful work so I was anxious to hear how the others would answer.

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The beautiful centerpieces were designed by Rogue Florist, who kindly sponsored our event! Love Your Mornings provided our guests with a takeaway of healthy cookies + the most delicious coconut, cashew and mocha bars (they tasted like almond joys but better…yum!!!)


The passion + talent that filled the garden was amazing. Listening to everyone talk about their current projects; different perspectives on living in Vancouver; the ups + downs of starting your own business; and of course, my favourite, social responsibility was the best part! I really do enjoy the discussion + new perspectives this event brings about.

We had such a brilliant time hosting that a part trois is in the works before the end of the year!!! Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming weeks!

thank you heaps + heaps to those who help make this possible!


Photography by: Martin Mazaar
Florals by: Rogue Florist
Cookies + healthy treats: Love your Mornings
Styling +  Individual floral arrangements: Kendra Murphy for Kit + Forage
Art Direction + Styling + Menu : Angela Grayce Design

I had the pleasure of meeting a dear friend for dinner at Lafayette in NYC last month. I knew the food + ambiance would be right up my alley as Faris never disappoints. But YUM! Both the decor + food. We ooh’d + ahh’d over Eric Junker’s illustrations throughout the restaurant. And their branding – spot on. That french blue is definitely finding it’s way into my work as of lately;)  Have you been? What sort of places do you tend to find inspiration in? Great work, Oat!


happy friday, everyone! i’m pushing myself out of a major funk this week and I figured sorting through + sharing a few of my favourite snippets over the last month would bring some positivity around:)


+ working with and overseeing a great group of designers –  i feel incredibly lucky to work with people who push me to be my best self
+ reading (and completely agreeing) that as designers we’re responsible for the impact our work has on society
+ morning runs becoming routine again
+ eats with some of the best people. including a truly special guy;)

*not pictured: my sister purchasing her ticket to come visit !!! major plus!!

have a lovely weekend!


I’m proud to report that I did not make a mess of the turkey! The dinner went off without a hitch + it was as cosy and delicious as I had envisioned. While perusing the internet for a unique side dish, I found this beautiful photo series, recipes by Art director, Nora Luther + photographer, Pavel Becker. I love that they’re presenting the recipes in a non-traditional way – who needs a final image of the dish when the ingredients look that incredible + mouthwatering?!


The description of the series, “the raw ingredients rest in weightlessnes. they are properly proportioned falling into the vessel where they are further processed. the image serves a foretaste not only of the dish but also of its preparation. the look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination.”




eat-sip-shop_vancouver-guide eat-sip-shop_vancouver-guide_04
It’s hard to believe we started this series a year and a half ago!!! There was a lot of talk about putting together a guide along the way that would be available for those interested in seeing our Vancouver favourites. And finally in one week, it will be available for download!!!

The guide will feature a compilation of our most loved eateries + boutiques we’ve visited over the last 18 months.  Kendra + I  had so much fun shooting this promo video over the summer!! One of the best parts about working together on this project has been the relationships we’ve made with the wonderful, small business owners. Hearing their stories, checking out the BTS – all of it has been so uplifting + inspiring!! It’s also given us an excuse to be out + about exploring this beautiful city:) Without further ado, here’s our little promo video – a guide to Vancouver gems, which will be ready for download here next Wednesday!!!


**Special thanks to Coco et Olive, Meadow, 33 Acres, and Greenhorn Espresso Bar !!