a new year.



It’s mid-February – I realize I’m a tad late on this! January is usually a quieter month, but this year was quite the exception. I moved into a new place shortly after traveling what seemed the entire month of December.

I’m truly looking forward to a more relaxed few months ahead filled with loads of writing + posting here. There are a few travel posts coming your way, but before that, here’s what 2015 looked like and what I hope 2016 to be!

Highlights of the year (in no particular order):
+ My photograph published in National Geographic
+ Visiting friends on the East Coast
+ Trip home in the summer to my beautiful cousin’s wedding where I also introduced James to family and friends (and they loved him!!! of course ;)
+ Teaching my first design workshop to aspiring designers
+ My little sister making the trip to Vancouver. Twice this year !!
+ Running the Berlin Marathon with a new PB of 4:02
+ Exploring Italy and Spain with B
+ Hosting our second sweet happenings
+ Turning thirty; feeling more and more comfortable with who I am and what I want
+ Ending the year with most the wonderful Christmas trip to England. With us both being so far away from our families it meant a lot to finally meet the people you hear so much about. It was perfect in every way.

Here are a few intentions I have for the year ahead:

+ Continue with running. Another marathon, anyone?
+ Research in human-centered design
+ Spend more time writing here
+ Reading more for fun. Maybe even start a book club.. Interested ?
+ Enjoying more of the everyday
+ More time with my favourite people. Above everything else:)




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