let’s snow day


This may be the first year, in my entire life, that I don’t get to experience snow! Cue weeping. While the Midwest was hit with a blizzard, I was over here dreaming of what I’d be doing if we were hit with a storm of our own… my day would look a little something like this:

wake up and throw on the cosiest sweater + socks (after a quick play in the snow, of course!)
concoct a hot teddy, grab the warmest blanket, and pop in one of the classics.
make + indulge in a delicious breakfast with extra bacon
after spending the entire afternoon snuggled up, finish the lazy day in with a luxurious bubble bath complete with the loveliest of candles:)

happy (pretend) snow days!


via  01. Jil Sander + socks  02. hot toddy recipe 03. breakie 04. ferris bueller’s 05. aesop + woodlot


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