twenty-nine + a new year

Happy new year! I hope you were able to take a real break from the noise + spend time doing whatever it is that makes your heart happy during the holidays. Last December I put together a twenty nine before twenty nine list and I wanted to reflect on what it meant to me over the last year in this post.

Let’s be real, anyone that knows me knows I’m a list-maker. Always have been, probably always will be. There’s something extra satisfying about crossing off things. While I put together that list, I didn’t put much thought into how hard + unattainable each item could potentially be.

I was more than determined to cross off every item on that list! As a matter of fact, I reprinted it in March and September to pump myself up. At the end of the summer I was feeling pretty confident as I crossed two of the most challenging goals off. But as my birthday approached (dec 7th), I became anxious with all I had yet to do. It wasn’t until I was discussing the list with my best friend B that I realized how silly it was to reflect on the last year based on how many items I crossed off. The thing is, there were so many amazing moments + memories made that I didn’t expect coming. So I made the conscious decision to throw my list in the air + shift my focus on my successes and the really good times 2014 brought about.

2014 began with some rough patches. My life was dedicated to training for the London Marathon while juggling various career opportunities. I was so obsessed on what I thought had to be that I forgot to enjoy the process. After London, life-altering decisions took place. I came back with a fresh head and let go of all the expectations while promising myself to live for the present. (i understand how cheesy that may sound, but honestly it was the best decision i made in 2014) I quit caring where society expected me to be. Less planning, a lot more doing. I quit caring how my life came across online – no more comparing. (why do we do this, anyway!?!!?) I felt alive again.

While crossing off these goals felt good, they just didn’t measure up to some of the best moments of 2014…. crossing the London Marathon finish line, wandering Stockholm with a dear friend, early morning phone calls to Germany to discuss passion projects, learning about new friends, 2 am walks home with my best friend, sweet kisses, working + managing a wonderful team that constantly pushed me to grow, allowing myself to love again in ways I never thought possible, flying home for Christmas with the fullest + happiest heart.

2014 was truly the year of love. All sorts – Building new friendships,  strengthening old friendships, learning to love myself better. I am promising to extend the decision I made with myself back in April through 2015.

While I think it’s important to follow your dreams passionately + make your mark in this world all while reflecting on the good and hard times, It’s also just as important to throw the lists in the air + enjoy the delightful times we often take for granted. Turning twenty nine once seemed daunting, but I couldn’t be happier and more excited about what’s in store for two thousand fifteen. How are you approaching the new year?!

Off now to begin preparing for the next two weeks of work with a wonderful, German friend who flies into Vancouver tonight!!

All my love for a magical new year, guys!



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  1. Hannade said:

    Angela love seeing you during Christmas break! Even though it was brief it’s like we pick up like you never left! That’s what I love about our friendship! Enjoy your life!! As I told you before you have accomplished so much in life and I can’t be more proud of you! You are a real inspiration!!!

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