After much talk, a trip to Portland over Halloween weekend finally happened. A couple of days of galavanting around a new city with my lady B was just what we both needed. First impression – It’s an entrepreneur’s dream city! Can we extend our stay!?!


Portland is on to something! The people are genuinely loving, passionate about their craft, and supportive of their community. It’s safe to say they’re carving out a path for sustainable living in the US – take note! From their generous bike lanes to heaps of eclectic boutiques to excellent eateries, it’s definitely my kind of city! And the families of three + four cycling together… so cute!

Highlights included strolling through Washington Park (even if the roses weren’t in full bloom!), Stumptown’s worth-the-hype coffee, perusing the book shelves of Powell Books – you could easily spend days in that book store!! Courier coffee was not only great, but the barista welcomed all my questions:) the guys behind the counter are awesome! Sips and sleep-deprived, alcohol-induced laughs at Gigantic Brewery, and Andina’s for really tasty Peruvian tapas.

This lush + green, cosy, and liveable city should find its way onto your list of must visits! I’ll meet ya there:)



  1. Wow your pictures are beautiful. Very lovely post! <3

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