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Holy amazingness, we found the best dessert in Vancouver! Okay, to be fair, a Belgian friend of mine introduced Nero to me a few weeks back;) After our ridiculously delicious dinner of waffles, I knew it had to be our next eat sip shop stop! Kendra, Britt, and I stopped by after work last week to indulge in some waffle goodness – we were in heaven:)


The waffles are made to order which means fresh + warm! You can choose your waffle batter: Brussels (light + crispy) or Liège (soft + sweet + chewy) – Kendra had the Liège with fresh strawberries + whipped cream while Britt and I shared the recommended Dame Blanche, Brussels style. It wasn’t too sweet, just the right amount. YUM!!


Definitely put this treat on your list of musts in Vancouver. It’s like a little piece of Europe placed on Robson street – friendly staff + heavenly waffles + cosy, intimate ambiance. a new favourite + lucky for me, conveniently located 5 minutes from my apt;)  Smakelijk!


Nero Belgian Waffle Bar
1703 Robson St
Vancouver, BC V6G 1C8




1 comment
  1. kathryn brockman said:

    I want to go here when I come and visit ! Looks amazing!

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