snapshots / 6

hi guys! hope you’re soaking up all the sun + good times summer brings about. i sure am;)  here are a few snippets of the happy times as of lately… according to the iPhone;)

+ andy visiting from Germany!

+ Germany and the USA advancing!

+ flammkuchen-making with a handful of good friends. yuuum!! Have you ever had it before? It’s one of my favourites!

+ Exploring Vancouver with my bud. Being a tourist in your own city is always fun;)

+ Canada day treats + fireworks!

+ This is probably the ONLY time you’ll ever see me in a cowboy hat, hah. I’m not much of cowgirl, but I sure enjoyed stampedin’ it up on the 4th of July with my lady, Britt.

+ Road trip back to Vancouver from Calgary. I’ll admit, that was the real treat for me! I’ve been a few times and the Canadian Rockies still continue to amaze me! Everyone should make the drive at least once..! We stopped at Lake Louise for a short hike and treated ourselves to tea + biscuits with our little friends..

+ Deutschland wins the cup. Sunday was a gooooood day!

Oh ya! And lastly, National Geographic will be featuring a photo of mine in their Spring 2015 “Abroad at Home” book! happy dance x 34884636489.

More soon!!







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