eaaa this is a big week – my best friend is moving to Canada!! The two of us have been discussing how to recreate my space to reflect both of our styles which has been a bit overwhelming! I was excited when PlaidFox, an online retailer of furniture + home decor based in Vancouver, reached out to me – perfect timing, eh? PlaidFox makes the daunting task of figuring out your style easy + fun with a style test. Once you receive your result, you can shop the look!

I tend to think of myself as a mix + match kind of lady – there’s not one particular aesthetic I’m drawn to (see above). When I got “French country” as my primary style on the test I was a little thrown off as ruffles + frills just aren’t my thing. However, I am definitely one to appreciate the timeless, casual, charming, & rustic feel that comes with that style. I tend to skip the trends. Natural materials, linens, soft colours – ahh, love it all. The secondary style, “mid-century modern” seems a little more fitting, in my opinion.

Their shop offers beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces without the insane retail price tags! It’s also an awesome resource for inspiration + ideas. I’ve quickly built up quite the wishlist.. sigh.

Here are a few pieces that I would love to add to our abode:)


They’re officially launching their site this week – go check it out! And let me know what you get on your style test!!



01. Amarillite Ceiling Lamp | 02. Gunner Writing Desk | 03. Sonora | 04. Gladsaxe Arm Chair

Images via: my pinterest








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