a solo trip to paris

I began my two week vacation with a solo trip to Paris. I thought three days in Paris alone would be the perfect way to end a busy month of work. I planned to visit the Louvre, catch up with old classmates, picnic in the park – all of which did not happen;) It really was a wonderful 3 days, but not in the way I thought it would be. And I’m only saying that in retrospect. At the time, I was a little flustered, tired, cranky, and ready to be in Berlin with my dear friends within the first 15 hours on Parisian soil.

I decided early on that I would pack really light only allowing the absolute essentials. I had one carry-on. One, silly carry-on that I foolishly decided to check so I wouldn’t have to run across Heathrow airport with it. I should have known better. The airlines managed to lose my luggage. Now this wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but I hadn’t slept in 36 hrs upon landing & I had nothing in my backpack but a random pair of black shorts, books, and my passport. That’s it. I took this whole packing light situation very serious (hard to believe, i know!). I was ready for a nap. Made a claim with the airlines and headed to my airbnb rental – or so i thought.

After an hour of repeatedly getting off the wrong subway stop while it poured rain I knew a taxi ride was the only safe bet. I finally arrived to my quaint, charming airbnb flat conveniently located next to the Guy Môquet subway stop. I gave myself 5 minutes to sob & feel sorry for my situation. I then reminded myself I was in Paris! I could do anything I want. Naturally, I sprinted to the cheese shop below my flat & continued to the bakery for the most satisfying, delicious, put-you-in-the-best-mood meal in Paris. side note * I could easily eat cheese & bread for every meal – for the rest of my life:)

IMG_5859The airline finally called to tell me my bag would find me in Berlin. My little dream of strolling around Paris looking like a local was hopeless. I was forced to sip my espresso in the random black pair of shorts found in the bottom of my backpack. The airline kindly offered to reimburse anything I bought, but lucky for me it was a Sunday – Everything was closed.


Truth be told, spending two days in the same clothes in a romantic city filled with the most beautiful women does not make you feel the least bit pretty. Whatever. The rain subsided – I was off to see Paris!

Paris-01IMG_5815IMG_9633paris-15paris-14The views from my flat – the buildings, that light! completely in love.paris-13Paris-06The next morning i went to Galerie Lafayette and splurged on lingerie. That’s right, lingerie. Who needs a coveted ensemble when you’re wearing the most elegant, luxurious piece of lingerie? Not me. That’s for sure. I instantly felt Parisian chic & ready to wander through my favourite spot in Paris – Montemarte. (ladies – if in Paris, splurge on the lingerie. so worth it!)

IMG_5823 this neighborhood – sigh.. at this point, i wanted to stay forever. cheese shops, flower shops, little old men sipping coffee with their beloved wives…this was the Paris I remembered.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThere you have it – Not the most romantic, Parisian trip ever taken, but it’s my little story:) paris11Au Revoir, Paris. Until next time!

* Have you been to Paris? How was it? Favourite thing to see, eat, and do?



ps: Berlin, Prague, Vienna & Budapest pics soon to follow:)

pps: select photos edited with vscocam

  1. You poor thing! That is such a whirlwind. But at the very least you have the loveliest photos from your trip. PS. I hope you let the airline pick up the lingerie tab! X

  2. Sigh, what beautiful photos, and you look amazing in your shorts! Paris is one of my absolute favorite places–I really liked the artists’ market in that outdoor square by Sacre Coeur. And I LOVE the Place des Vosges area where Victor Hugo used to live. Let’s go together next time :)

    Ps, Lingerie? Good call. I hope is was La Perla or something equally as expensive muahaha

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