happy new year!

angela-lights Happy 2014! I’ve been away from all electronics for the past couple of weeks and man did it feel good! Instead I was soaking up good times with my family + friends back home. I arrived back in Vancouver in time to spend the New Year with a few of my favourites:) hands up for never ever letting me pick the venue again – sorry guys. We sure made the best of that pretentious bar, though;)

How was your holiday?! I hope it involved a whole lotta love, yummy drinks, and new memories with your favourites!

Make any New Years resolutions? I’m still kind of thinking about a few things I’d like to work on over the next year. Right now I’ve only got training for the London Marathon on my mind. Freakin’ out just a tad. I’m also really excited to bring a few new series here to the blog & share a couple of special projects I’ve got up my sleeve – juhuuu to new beginnings:)

Enjoy the rest of your week! And Cheers to a New Year!!



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  1. Angela, I absolutely love your blog. Your photos are all beautiful, do you take them? You have true inspiration. Hope your doing very well, Canada must be amazing, its defiantly my travel bucket list. Take care! :))

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