29 before 29

birthday-confettiHappy Friday, lovelies! I’m ready to begin the weekend birthday celebrations:) I’m turning 28 on Saturday. 28! Sometimes I tend to feel like a little girl in a woman’s body, but you know what? I’m kind of diggin’ this  whole getting old(er) thing. With the New Year & my birthday so close to one another, it’s natural that this time of the year always brings a time for reflection. And I’ve been doing a lot of that lately – we’ll talk about that in a later post. For now, I’ve put together a 29 before 29 list! I had way too much fun making it – you should make a list, too! We can hold each other accountable ;)

And here you have it, my 29 before 29 list!

01. Master my camera in manual mode
02. Make a photo album with favourite printed photos
03. Kiss on a mountaintop, under the stars
04. Speak fluent German
05. Visit a country I’ve never been to
06. Learn how to bake the perfect loaf of bread
07. Pay off student loan with highest interest rate…ugh.
08. Knit a scarf & socks
09. Spend an entire day in pjs watching all time favourite movies
10. Run the London Marathon
11. See the Northern Lights
12. Launch new design portfolio & website – new branding 2014!
13. Korean karaoke w/ friends
14. Road trip to a teeny, tiny Canadian town that I’ve never heard of
15. Visit good friends in NYC
16. Raise £2,000 for World Wildlife Fund
17. Plant a mini garden
18. Build an awesome toolbox for workspace
19. Gracefully let go of everything I cannot control
20. Style my hair more
21. Speak confidently in front of 200+ people
22. Buy a beautiful piece of art for my place
23. Go on a 3 day hiking trip
24. Take a ballroom dancing class
25. Ski/Snowboarding trip with friends
26. Treat myself to a full-body massage
27. Leisurely read four books
28. Concoct a signature drink
29. Host the event I’ve been dreamin’ of for a while now;)

whew:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Danielle @ Labelsarefortincans said:

    These all sound great! Happy early birthday :) My 25th birthday is coming up on Dec. 19 and I’ve been thinking of making a similar list!

    • Thanks Danielle! Yes, definitely make a list & share it with me!!! Would love to read it!! xxo

  2. I will definitely help you take the Korean Karaoke one off your list! :)

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