the bad days..

treat-the-world-betterMy week was quickly turned upside down after a really scary incident on Monday evening. On my way home from work a young man attacked me. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get away from him and run back to safety before he was able to physically hurt me. The rest of the evening was spent speaking with numerous police officers, tears, longing for home, phone calls with the people i treasure the most, and wishing more than anything that I could just go to sleep and everything would be better. I’m still trying to overcome the feelings & insecurities that come with all of this. It reminded me that we’re never promised another day here & that as much as we’d like to think we’re invincible, we’re not. I hope that this post will remind you to be a little extra aware of your surroundings. I know it’s so easy to be told that by everyone, but really, let’s watch out for one another, k? And most importantly, love love love the heck out of your dear ones! Don’t let the jerks steal your sunshine.

Extra warm hugs from me to you this weekend.



  1. I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I also live in Vancouver and am a young woman so this thought often crosses my mind at night. Glad to hear you are safe!

    • Hi Danielle, thanks for reaching out. Hope you’re having a great week. xxo

  2. beverly thompson said:

    you are just amazing… glad you’re okay.

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