eat. sip. shop. / trafiq


I just realized a good portion of the eat. sip. shop. installments on my end have taken place at some sort of cafe. I’m definitely a coffee girl. It’s more than a cup of coffee for me, it’s about the coffee culture, you know?  The ambience, the conversation, the mood. I love being able to meet up with friends & chat for hours over a good cup of coffee & a yummy treat – it’s the simple things in life, i tell ya! Kendra & I visited Trafiq, a wonderful cafe & bakery on Main St. to do just that!

trafiq-eatsipshop_02trafiq-eatsipshop_04Nice touches of industrial decor in this Parisian-inspired, open airy cafe. trafiq-eatsipshop_05Between the two of us, we stuck to our usual favourites – Pain au chocolat, a buttery croissant, cappuccino & a pot of tea:) There’s a bakery in the back of the cafe whipping up the daily-made, tasty treats. I’m going back for the carrot cake!trafiq-eatsipshop

Trafiq is definitely worth a visit. Bring a book, a date, or your family and enjoy the simple pleasures in life:)  have a fantastic Thursday, lovelies!

Visit: 4216 Main St | Vancouver, BC | 604.648.2244




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