eat. sip. shop / Le Marché St. George

I am particularly excited to share this week’s eat. sip. shop. with you! In 2011, while spending my first summer in Vancouver, I discovered this wonderful little gem in my neighborhood. I’d run past it every afternoon admiring the smiling people enjoying their coffee while their little ones played in the grass. For that few seconds, I’d always feel like I was back in Europe. I couldn’t help but smile. I eventually made my way into Le Marché St. George one morning for an espresso & pastry. Sure enough, it quickly became my favourite cafe.

I haven’t been back since making the move to Vancouver in February. After a rough week of work & a cold that lingered I knew a morning spent here would be the perfect remedy. Kendra, Essie, and I met  to catch up & enjoy a typical European breakfast together.


Kendra had a sweet, simple waffle with tea.


I enjoyed this perfectly made chocolate croissant & iced espresso with a dollop of honey & cream – so so delicious!


This quaint little shop also sells organic groceries and imported goods.


If you’re coming from out of town, you can even stay above this cute cafe at the Marché St. George! Check out the website for details!

Visit: Le Marché St. George  | E 28th Ave | Vancouver, BC| 604.565.5107




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