the countdown begins

Paris-travelDo you remember a few months back I asked for your opinion on where to go? Well, I made a decision and kind of never talked about it again. Oops. That wasn’t intentional. Actually, I decided to book my ticket to fly into Paris and depart from Prague with no planning in between. You know, see where my travels will take me… No big deal, right? Ah. Not really. I’m kind of freaking out (just a tad). I haven’t organized anything really for this trip. Life kind of just snuck up on me and now in just seven days, I’ll be back in Europe. Don’t fret though. I’ll be okay, promise. After Paris, I’m meeting up with Greg & a few of my best girlfriends in Berlin & Vienna. I was lucky enough to meet these brilliant ladies while doing research in Finland. You have no idea how wonderful these ladies are – the kind of women that make you want to be better, love better, live better..soo excited, guys!  My heart & soul are totally ready for all the inspiration that’s going to take place here in a week!

I’m headed back into the office this morning now that I’m feeling a teensy-weensy better. What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to take it easy & catch up on everything I missed out on while in hibernation..

Have an incredible weekend! See you here next week!





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