cabin days

Skipping my work plans for the weekend & accepting an invitation to Whistler was the right decision. A group of us stayed in this gorgeous cabin tucked away on a quiet street along Alta Lake. whistler-weekend_01whistler-weekend_07girls-cheese-festival2We headed up to Blackcomb Mountain to cheer on the cheese-rolling competitors at the Canadian Cheese Rolling festival. We definitely did more of sampling the featured cheeses than cheering (but that’s our little secret).

whistler-weekend_10angela-cheese-festivalwhistler-weekend_02whistler-weekend_04Saturday officially marked my six month anniversary of moving to Vancouver. While I usually only post the better days around here, there have definitely been some really hard ones. Days where I wanted to give up, move home, and forget about everything. But with the support of my family & friends, I’ve been able to continue to follow my heart & pursue my dreams. I am forever grateful for all the special people in my life. I really do consider myself quite lucky to have such wonderful friends. I am also extremely grateful for each of you reading this blog. Thank you so so much for joining me on this journey. Cheers to trusting that good ol’ heart of ours:)


oh yeah! We spotted a bear on our way up! This place continues to amaze me…



images via iPhone

  1. Congratulations on your 6-month expat anniversary!! So proud of you for venturing boldly into the unknown. You deserve all the cheese in the world!!!! xoxo

    • thanks lovely! you’re the best! Can’t wait for our adventures together! xxo

    • yes yes yes, Denver is in order! thanks for rooting me along & being a wonderful mentor! xxxo

  2. Reece Sims said:

    Yay that was such a great weekend! You forgot to mention that we did a team run too… to burn off some of that cheese haha.

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