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Hi guys! I’m so excited to finally introduce a new series blogger & graphic designer, Kendra & I have been working on over the last few months. We both have a serious passion for exploring good food, delicious drinks and unique boutiques. After a few lovely coffee dates, we agreed our love for Vancouver & all the wonderful small businesses should be made into a series highlighting our favourite spots to eat, sip and shop. Every Thursday we will alternate posts, sharing our favourite gems around the city. Get excited – we’ve got some great posts lined up!

We made our first stop in Gastown at the highly recommended cafe, Nelson The Seagull. Their focus, coffee & bread. Two of my all time favourite things. Both, so good. I had a cappuccino that fell nothing short of amazing. Perfect way to begin an awesome day…

nelson-the-seagull_12nelson-the-seagull_01nelson-the-seagull_02nelson-the-seagull_03nelson-the-seagull_06We ordered an egg tart, avocado bread and a chocolate croissant. Best chocolate croissant I’ve had in a looong time. The bread served with the avocado was crunchy on the outside & pillowy soft on the inside…yum! We didn’t try the homemade almond milk, but definitely a must next go!

The charming ambience, high ceilings and open kitchen make this beautiful space inviting & cosy. I love that it has an urban European feel. Best part, you can watch the owner make bread – how cool is that? :)


I’ll definitely be back to take advantage of the great communal tables they have. Perfect spot to unwind & catch up on some reading.

ps: Don’t leave without claiming a box at the front of the cafe to begin a pen-pal relationship with someone new… such a cute idea!




Visit: Nelson the Seagull | 315 carrall st | Vancouver, BC

Images by Alex Pacheco & Kemal Wahju

  1. Callie said:

    I can tell I’m going to like this series! You pretty much had me at the title, haha :) I really hope I get to visit Vancouver someday because it seems like such a wonderful city.

    • Yeah, Callie, We’re pretty pumped about it! So many awesome places here in Vancouver to discover. I hope you get to visit, too. Would love to show you around!! xx

  2. Lynn said:

    hey Angela, i’m so happy to find out about this new series through Kendra’s space and come over to check out the “full meal deal”! what a tremendous post, great presentation (+ share-able). i’m coveting that avocado sandy right now, looks sensational! this makes toiling with the decision as to whether i should make the trip d/t over the weekend an easy one. def hitting up this hot spot again soon. thanks girls!!

  3. Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by & reading! You should definitely make a trip downtown:) always worth it… Hope you have a lovely weekend!! xx

  4. Angela the photos look so great! Can’t wait to see more :)

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