goal crushin’

angela-training-run_01angela-training-run Whew. I am so excited to be typing this right now.. :) Over the last seven years, running has become part of my daily routine (with a few off weeks here & there). I have made it a goal of mine to find a way to incorporate annually my love for running with my passion for getting involved with the community. Last year I tried something new. I began Playful Soles to help the children of Head Start. Playful Soles was a lot more successful than I had anticipated. It was one of the best projects I’ve been a part of to date. After moving to Vancouver, I knew that I had to continue this project some way. I began researching organizations here in BC that aligned with my vision & values.

That’s where I found Athletics for Kids, a wonderful organization for BC Children in need. A4K provides funding assistance to ensure all British Columbia children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to organized amateur sport.

I will run the Victoria Half Marathon in Victoria, BC on October 13 to support the children of A4K. Next week I will fill you in with all the details on how you can help me achieve this. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work directly with such fantastic people dedicating their lives to helping children.

While preparing for this awesome goal of mine some exciting news came about – I was offered a spot on the 2014 World Wildlife Fund London Marathon team!! I’m not even going to downplay this. That’s huge. And I’m nervous and scared and so so so excited. Determined, too. My best friend & I spent the last two years dreaming of a way to be a part of this elite run. I spent months & months writing organizations to secure a spot to fulfill this dream of mine. After being told by numerous people that I was crazy, there was no way of securing a spot for 2014, that I’d better start planning for the 2016 run… I continued to write & write until there were no options left. I then received a response from WWF with an application process. I’ve been a WWF supporter for years – Annual Earth Hour in the dark party, what! what! After not hearing back from them I assumed my dream of running the marathon would have to be put on hold. And bam! Just like that…. two months later,  I was offered a spot on this amazing team! I’m still pinching myself. The marathon isn’t until next April, but the fundraising & training will begin soon. I have no idea how I’m going to pull it off, but I’m ready for the challenge. I wanted to update you all with this exciting news as I begin these new challenges & opportunities.

Cheers to dreaming big, always. Have a lovely weekend!

ps: if you’re in Vancouver & want to join in on some runs, let me know:) I’m always looking for running partners.



  1. Callie said:

    So exciting!! Congrats on A4K and the WWF!!!I am so excited for you and can’t wait to hear more as you prep for both :)

  2. Reece said:

    Yah girl! Can’t wait to start early morning training with you :)

  3. Jenna said:

    You go girl!! Wish I was there– I would definitely run with you =)

  4. James Ruddock said:

    I also just found out that I am running with WWF in the London Marathon. I think I have a lot more training to do than you though! I am in Halifax, NS. Nice to see a fellow Canadian resident involved too!

    • Hey James! That’s awesome!! We should totally connect before the marathon:) I’m so pumped! Good luck with the training! xx

      • James Ruddock said:

        Thank you and good luck to you! I’ll give you a follow on twitter and we can keep in touch

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