deep cove

On Saturday we drove out to Deep Cove to do some kayaking…first time for me! I was too much of a fraidy cat to bring my phone in the kayak. I was positive i’d capsize. I’m telling you, I always have the worst luck;) Thank you Kathryn for risking it to snap some lovely photos for us:)

deep-cove-kayaking_02deep-cove-kayaking_03ang-kayakingIt took some time for me to get used to being in such a small, confined space. I enjoyed kayaking, but honestly I’m a lot more anxious than I realize. At one point, I wanted to move faster, but my weak arms weren’t having it. Dear future self, calm down –  r e l a x. deep-cove-kayaking_05honey-doughnuts-mapleI’m not much of a doughnut person, but this doughnut..woah – heavenly good.  It’s worth a trip to Deep Cove just for one of these! I’ll be back for more, Honey Doughnut’s & Goodies :)

second-beachI finished the weekend with a relaxed hangout at the beach near my place. Pretty amazing, right!?



photos taken with iPhone


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