the chief

Hiking-chief2Hiking-chief3Hiking-chief4First time I had to use a chain during a hike. Definitely not a fan. But I did feel pretty mighty after making my way up one tricky chain section:)

Hiking-chief5 Sandwiches taste better at the top

Hiking-chief8Hiking-chief9Hiking-chief10hangin’ off the edge.


The chief was a success:) My thighs are a bit sore…actually, (don’t laugh!) I fell down the last stair in my stairwell due to a leg cramp. I suppose it was a reminder of how little I’ve been exercising lately. I fixed it with a short run along a route in my new neighbourhood yesterday evening. There will be plenty more of those as I may have some exciting news to do with running here for you in a few weeks! I’m crossing my fingers it works out as planned.



  1. Callie said:

    That hike looks amazing but that chain rope seems really scary!

    • ha! it was! this wasn’t even the worst part :) the view – so worth it.

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