good vibes


April & May have been filled with tons of uncertainty that has left me spinning in circles, but with the motivation to just keep going regardless of the “what ifs” I’ve been able to appreciate all the wonderful happenings in life lately. Like..

+ Signing a lease! It sure was a lengthy hunt, but it’s over now! eaa:) I’m pretty excited to move in this cute little apt! (see yard above)
+ Brilliant conversation with inspiring Vancouver women over cocktails & cupcakes (new collaborations!)
+ New design work with fun & open-minded clients
+ Dreaming up my summer vacation
+ Gushing over Leo’s performance in The Great Gatsby. I don’t care what the reviews say. He was phenomenal.
+ Enjoying the rain after a week of the most gorgeous weather.

Sending good vibes your way for a great week!



image taken with iPhone

  1. Callie said:

    So glad you found a place you love! I just started searching for a new spot and it feels like it’s impossible to find anything decent.

    • thanks! I can’t wait to move in. Good luck with the hunt! It sure can be a headache at times..

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