where to?


The time has come to put in summer vacation requests. My original plan consisted of a week in France & a week in Germany and while I’m not ruling that out just yet, I’d like to consider a few other options. Where do you think I should head to next? Any suggestions? I’m even open to cities that are not listed here:) Ready. Go!



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  1. Danielle Guyder said:

    I loved France! I’ve also heard Barcelona and Budapest are amazing places to explore if you’ve never been. I also loved Ireland :)

    • I love France, too! Last time I went I wasn’t able to spend much time there which is why I’d love to spend a week there this summer. I’m starting to really consider Budapest & Prague, though! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. ahhh, I absolutely love Amsterdam! Was so close to doing my research project in Amsterdam, but chose Rovaniemi, Finland at the last minute. I’m saving London for next year… (fingers crossed to finding an entry into the London marathon!) Thanks Cal!

  3. Ben said:

    Barcelona is really beautiful!!
    But travelling to Prague and Budapest is a good choice…
    You can have a good time in each city :-)
    It is quite cheap, people are nice and food is great.

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