a long weekend


Just in case you don’t know by know, I’m absolutely in love with Vancouver. I totally get why Vancouverites put up with the grey, rainy days because when the sun comes out, the city is pristine!  Everyone finds a reason to make sure there day is spent outdoors – it’s magical:)

I took advantage of the amazing weather with a few runs around the city. We’ll just ignore that I struggled after the 3 mile marker. whew. I made it to 6 miles, though! The remainder of the long 4 day weekend was spent with Greg’s family. It was so refreshing & comforting to get away for a bit. And Greg’s mum is an amazing cook so you can bet my belly was satisfied all weekend! I also probably consumed more than 2,000 calories in Easter candy –That’s normal, right?

What did you lovelies get up to? Hooray for short weeks. I’m in need of the weekend.

ps: I’m contributing over on Spitfiregirl Design today with the most lovely spring dresses for wedding season – check it out:)



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  1. Brad said:

    I’ve been thinking pretty hard about coming to visit you and Vancouver this summer. It looks like a nice place for a summer vacation.

    • Yes! do it! It’s more than perfect for a summer vacation:)

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