dreams to action / 10


We are nearing the finish line, dear readers! How are you doing? Feeling empowered to make changes, achieve goals, and improve your life? Or do you feel you are in the same spot you were in when this journey began? Let me ask you, have you boxed yourself in?

A problem that many, and I daresay most people have in life is that they allow fear to rule them all of their lives. The way it works is fear creates a box of limitation around you. You can only have what is in that box, you can only go as far as the box gives you room to move,and you can only see for your life what the box will show.  But here’s the most important part of life in the fear box – it is cardboard thin, it is not sealed, and there are no guards around it, so fear relies on you to keep yourself in.  You grow content.  The box itself can get rained on, weathered, and waste away, but you still live as if you are in the box because you have grown content and do not want to truly take a chance on change.

I once heard it said that contentment breeds contempt.  Eventually being in that safe place, that place where you know what is what and there are no changes or surprises begins to wear on you – because somewhere inside you always wanted more.  Some of that which you wanted you can’t even define, or you may not even know what it really is.  The only thing that is for sure is that it’s not in the box.

We box ourselves in with our day to day patterns. If there is something you have always wanted to do, or to try, or to experience, but you’ve never done it before, it cannot possibly happen if you don’t change your traffic pattern. Say you love making music, or bread. Yet you’ve been afraid to let people hear your songs, or to attempt to make bread. Go listen to people play. Go watch someone bake. Talk to those people. Find out how they get going, how they take something from a dream and make it reality. Just your effort to learn more is an action, a shift in your traffic pattern. Keep at it.  Keep changing those paths. Set a new course, chart new territory. Get yourself out of the limiting box of your fear. Who wants to be stuck in a box created by their own fear the rest of their life? Not me. Do you? Make your move. And this time, take a different road.

Joy in ACTION,


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