Dreams to Action / 9


Sunday I was scheduled to return to Chicago, but I got stuck in St. Louis due to a winter storm that dropped over a foot of heavy snow. It is somewhat traumatic to see all that snow so close to April, at a time when spring is supposed to be on it’s way. Monday morning, it was still coming down, but people were outside digging out their driveways. As I was doing the same at my parents’ house, I noticed that streams of water were racing to the storm drains. Already the snow was melting. Everything was blanketed in white, and now water was washing away the salt, dirt, and sediment in the streets. It made me smile.

Spring IS here. Despite nature’s delay. Now is the perfect time to clear out the sediment in your life that is clogging up the works, so that you can function at a higher level. If you’ve been feeling snowed under, it’s time to heat up so that the snow and ice can melt and fuel the new growth that is headed your way. What is the stuff that is in your path that needs to be cleared? Is it actual clutter in your life? Taxes? Things you need to get rid of or put away? Toxic relationships? Unhelpful behaviors?

Or are you trying to adapt new behaviors and habits? What are you doing to move towards that direction? Do you need to be more regimented? Do you need to take more time for yourself? Do you need to take more time for someone else that you care about? Do you need to be more actively considerate? Do you need to be more active? Today, I am meditating on this – In this time of cleansing and renewal, I am clearing out what is cluttering up my life and making room for things to grow.

Happy spring, everybody.

Joy in action,

ps: Look out for Angela’s dreams to action post tomorrow. She’s been waiting to spill her guts.



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