dreams to action / 3


So how are you feeling about your progress in the new year? Are you having a tough time, or feeling things are at a standstill? If so, do not let it get you down, and let me tell you why. You are going through changes right now as you work to break old patterns, habits and mindsets that were keeping you from your goal. This takes a period of readjustment – and acknowledging this adjustment is important. It is necessary for the changes that need to happen so that you can be prepared for what’s coming.

When those good things and opportunities start coming your way down the road, you can’t ask them to wait or slow down so that you can get adjusted. You have to be ready. When your train finally pulls into the station, you need to have bags in hand and be ready to hop aboard! You don’t know if that train will be back this way, so you better be ready when it leaves the station.

So if you are feeling down about things, I think that it’s important to remember to celebrate yourself. When we feel that things aren’t going well, instead of getting into those self-defeating mindsets, let’s work at changing the thought pattern. How can you celebrate what has gone right, what has worked well for you? How can you honor those positive changes that have already taken place? For example, if your goal is to get in shape, and you’ve missed your last two sessions at the gym, instead of beating yourself up, and feeling like a failure – acknowledge the fact that maybe this is the first time you’ve ever truly committed to a workout regimen for this long. Celebrate the fact that you’re starting to feel different. If your goal is to do something very creative, but lately you’ve been feeling blocked – realize and recognized that all creative people occasionally get stuck, and you should be commended for finally giving yourself the chance and the outlet to create.

Now go celebrate you. Reward yourself. That could mean you sit and draw something. Take yourself to dinner or a movie, or dinner and a movie.  Run a hot bath for yourself and just take a few minutes to soak and relax with some good music.  Go out and build a snowman, just for the heck of it. You don’t need to worry about what someone else may think. This is about you. It’s your chance to enjoy the fact that you are driving towards something better, that you are worthy of that better, whatever it is for you. Honor yourself.

I think I may have to strap on my boots. That snowman sounds like a good idea – there’s always hot cocoa when you’re done. I’ll honor myself twice today.

joy in action,



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