girl in transition


Excuse me for about five minutes, it’s about to get real deep over here.

As a girl in complete transition, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do. I know that I absolutely love designing, helping others solve problems, and that ah-ha moment when you’ve been working extremely hard & everything finally comes together. Oh yeah, and planning celebrations. I find any reason to celebrate with good friends, lovely decorations, and heaps of dessert. But as for the rest, I do not know. And that’s okayyyyy.

One thing I have realized is I’m all about making connections with people. My life is one big web of relationships that I treasure. For the past six years, I’ve been traveling abroad & the one common theme is my enthusiasm to hear others’ stories. I’m typically the girl who stops in the local grocery store or café and strikes a conversation with the cashier – I want this person to feel acknowledged and that their story matters.

Growing up it’s been engraved in my head to connect with others whether it be the mailman, your best friend, or the lost puppy trampling on your flowers.

I always try to say exactly how I feel or do something I love without holding myself back. Guys, don’t put things on hold. Life is way too short and precious. Connect, discover, and love starting today.

This type of thinking may have been triggered by all of the traumatic incidents in my life. Back in August 2007, I left for my first week back to Purdue. I distinctly remember the dryness in my throat, the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. My world stopped. My family’s home was on fire and the dogs didn’t make it out alive. It was one of the worst days of my life. Why did we deserve this? Why my family? But with all the sorrow came so much kindness. It was like everyone stopped their lives and did everything possible to comfort my family or provide the resources we needed. I also remember coming back to Purdue to a bouquet of flowers on my bed from this girl who i just met two weeks prior. (Now one of my best friends, thanks Em!) But seriously. This tiny little gesture meant the world to me. Despite all the sadness and stress, I was  able to sleep comfortably thanks to a community of people who took a few minutes out of their lives to comfort us.

I know I went a little off track, but perhaps that’s why I’m such a believer in living for today. Spending time with people you love & connecting with everyone you meet is so important because if not now – when?

My new mission is to share happiness & spread love through design. It’s going be an exciting journey, and I’m ready to go for it. You’ve heard it here first.



  1. Ang, I’m proud of you for having the courage to speak about something so personal…what a unique journey you are on! Keep it up!

    • Thank you, b! Our talks definitely inspired this post! Looking forward to our lunch date next week!! :)

  2. Angela!
    Such a beautiful photo! And you are a great writer. Bless you on your path! It was so nice meeting you and chatting with you at Alt!

    • Alix! thank you! thank you! It was so nice meeting you, too. Hope we cross paths again! xxo

  3. seanwalton said:

    Love this, Angela! Your openess is beautiful!

  4. This is a very inspiring. Love the photo. So sunny. Thanks for connecting with me and liking my blog award post.

    • Thank you so much! Hope you’re having the best weekend!

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