four flights in three weeks.

that little sister of mine is a silly one;)

You’ll probably be surprised to find out I do not have an air miles card. With all this traveling, i probably should. Recommend any?

After sorting through my photos I realized not many were taken this Christmas vacation. I’m going to blame it on how insanely busy the first half of the trip was. I flew to Edmonton after a crazy month of work ending with an incredibly fun birthday weekend with my best friend (who flew from indy! you’re the best, britt) in Napa. Spent a few days at our place in Edmonton drinking eggnog, attending Greg’s company Christmas party and packing for what seemed like the billionth time.

Next stop, Chicago, where we began our marathon of visiting friends & family. oh yeah, and Christmas shopping, too. (too much! but i have a gigantic family, fyi) There was something extra special about being home this time around. I don’t know if it had to do with the rough year it’s been for my family or how long I’ve been away. It was just awesome to have our entire family under the same roof again. Leaving Chicago late Christmas Eve was totally my idea, but once it was time to say goodbye you better believe i was a weeping mess. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve done this whole “goodbye” thing before – I always weep. This will never change. Never, I tell ya!

Our three weeks together went by way too fast. Boarding the plane back to San Francisco to finish the work I left here was incredibly hard.  I’ve been here for a little over a week now and am just starting to feel settled. As a matter of fact, I spent all day yesterday consuming tons of tea & espresso while chopping up that lengthy to-do list!

Good things are on their way! Stay tuned.

Happy (almost) weekend!




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