Send My Love / Week five


This week’s Send My Love recipient is being sent all the hugs and love a little sister can possibly send! Brigid traditionally spends Christmas with her large, tight-knit family in Chicago. This year things will be a bit different as her lovely sister Colleen and brother-in-law Ken, who live in Boston will not be able to make it home for the holidays. All for good reason, though – they’re having their first baby! eaaa:) Brigid can’t wait to visit this new, little family in the New Year! She’s so so excited to finally be an aunt! The very best wishes to Colleen, Ken and future bundle of joy! You’re going to be the most terrific parents!

I absolutely love reading the entries you guys are sending in! Keep them coming.. Sending a piece of mail adds a little cheer to someone’s day!

if you want to send anyone a card via snail mail, Send the details & I’ll gladly send some love! Next week’s entry due before Tuesday, December 4 at 11PM EST

ps: Is it really almost December?!?



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  1. jen said:

    i love that card.

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