mornings with cappuccino muffins

I’ve been a baking queen as the weather has been too cold to want to do anything else! I made these scrumptiously good muffins using this recipe a couple weekends back and seriously devoured them within a day (with the help of Greg, of course). They’re super easy to make and would be a hit at any brunch or breakfast! A combination of coffee & chocolate is guaranteed to start any day with a yummy smile.

I went out to run errands (by foot) on Wednesday (19 degrees & snowing!) and have been paying for it ever since. My body is so badly wanting to hibernate but there is just so much to do before my flight leaves Monday morning. Like, spend as much time as possible with that amazing guy of mine. I have a few fun surprises planned for the weekend along with some total relaxation time on Saturday night. We’re going to kick off the Christmas season (yes, i’s not technically time yet) BUT i love having firsts of the season with Greg. Are you that way, too? Watching The Holiday & Elf over cookies & egg nog is just what we’ll do to begin our holiday celebrations. What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?

I’m off now for a coffee date & Edmonton’s Creative Morning talk downtown.

Hope you loveys have a wonderful weekend!!



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