I’m at it again! Life just got a bit crazy and will probably stay that way for the next couple of months. As you know, I’ve been searching for work here in Edmonton in order to stick around, but nothing worth my energy & time were coming along. I decided to search out of the box and sure enough an awesome opportunity presented itself in San Francisco. As soon as I spoke with Heidi (my new boss) I knew we were meant to work together! I’ve been on the hunt for a mentor ever since I finished university and finally, I found someone who has superb taste & a fun personality. So so excited to start workin’ for Spitfiregirl!

And to those of you who insist I’m giving up on Canada, I’m not! I’m just taking a little detour. It’s those big, unpredictable risks that lead us to the most exciting & rewarding times, right? Of course.

Now off to finish some work so I can spend the weekend with my favourite person. Happy Our Day!

Have a wonderful weekend, loveys!



    • you’re the best! it helps to have so much support from my absolute favourites! xx

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