prairie gardens

Sometimes I can’t get over how handsome my guy is. (ps: he was wearing this Canadian Olympic sweatshirt the night we met – eaaaa!)

This weekend was perfect in so many ways. It was exactly what I needed. Some of the highlights included: Scrabbling it up over pumpkin pie, finding a consignment shop a few blocks over where I left with 4 fantastic pieces, snuggling & a movie, delicious homemade butternut squash soup, Sunday morning treats at Duchess Bake Shop (my new favourite!), and ending the relaxing weekend at the pumpkin patch! My pumpkin is much smaller than the gigantic monster Greg brought home! I love that he picked the biggest one, though. That’s something my dad always did growing up. We always had the coolest pumpkins on the block. Can’t wait to start the carving, apple-cider-drinking, pumpkin-seed-eating festivities.. mm…



  1. I think *someone* has a future in photography…the rooster photo is my favorite!

    • ha, i would love to take credit for that photo, but that’s the one Greggy took!

  2. Sarah Taylor said:

    love the pics…my fave is the flowers…i enjoy reading your blog. :)

    • thank you sarah! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Those colours are just so beautiful, right? I so badly wanted to bring them home for my dinner table!

  3. jen said:

    No picture of the biggest pumpkin? :)

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