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Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter and how special someone feels when they receive it. I will share a little story with you that really touched my heart a few years back. It has also inspired me to continue sending cards to friends & family over the years (regardless of how easy it is to send an email.)

A friend of mine had a minor accident and was out of work for a few months which led to an ultimate low point. At the time, I did not realize what this person was going through or even how severe their depression was. I just thought, hey, what a rather crappy situation they’re in and how a simple card might bring a little laugh & sunshine to their day. So I did just that. Sent a card with a nice message. A few days later I received a phone call with a thank you & a little update.

It wasn’t until a few months later I realized how big of an impact that card really was. I was talking to a mutual friend who brought up the card I sent. She told me that our friend was contemplating suicide. After receiving the card, our friend was reminded (s)he wasn’t alone and had the support of others. This simple card had a small message that reassured our friend everything was going to be okay and to fight for better days that were surely ahead. It’s those little gestures that go a long way. I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to share this story publicly as it’s a really sensitive topic for me, but I think it’s important to share how a little, kind gesture can make such a difference in someone’s day.

I have been going back & forth with different ideas for a series here on my blog. My love for paper & cards and sharing love with others sparked an idea that I would like to try. Every week I will be accepting nominations for someone in your life that you would like a card sent to. Whether you want to thank someone for helping you out, let someone know you’re thinking about them, or just want to send a quick note to say hello, I want to help you do just that. It’s really simple. You submit an entry and I will choose one every Tuesday and will then handwrite a note on a card to send off to your loved one.


The details:

Send all entries to: angela.pavuk (at)
Please submit first entry before Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 11 PM EST
International entries welcome & encouraged!

How to nominate:

1. Email your name & phone number
2. The name of the person you are nominating (mailing address will be needed if chosen)
3. A brief write-up of why you want to send this person a card

*Please note that on every Thursday I will post the card & letter I’m writing. If you prefer to be anonymous, say so. No last names or contact information will ever be publicly displayed.

I look forward to sharing this special series with all of you! Go ahead and start sending over nominations today!

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Brit said:

    What an inspiring story and heart of gold! Your idea of sending a card to someone that needs cheering up or just receiving mail is a wonderful, uplifting idea. Everyone loves to get mail, especially cards. It’s unfortunate that it is a dying ritual since people are so technologically focused now a days. Let’s bring back handwritten letters and cards (while supporting the postal service)!
    Here is a story that fits well with the power of mail;

    • what a touching story. It’s absolutely incredible what a little note can do!

  2. Hannah Rachel said:

    You are such an amazing person Angela! You inspire me constantly!!

  3. Lauren said:

    Angie, that is really beautiful. I loved your writing. Very lovely.

  4. Hannade Ibrahim said:

    Anglea, you are so inspiring! This is just an wonderful idea! You have an amazing heart and so glad to call you my best friend!

    Love you so much!!

    • Hannade Ibrahim said:

      Sorry for speling your name wrong Angela! I am a bad friend!

      • it happens ;) you definitely are the farthest thing from a bad friend. Love you heaps! Counting the days ’til we’re together for a mini reunion! xx

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