Pumpkin Spice Creamer

I feel a little strange posting about pumpkins when there’s snow outside my window. Waking up to the trees dusted in snow made me nostalgic for the time I lived in Finland. Playing in snow & dancing to Christmas tunes in October was completely normal. And perfectly okay with me! I absolutely love everything there is to love about the holidays. Starting the season early is my style. But I won’t get ahead of myself here.

Back to this delicious pumpkin spice creamer recipe I stumbled upon & just had to try. (I used a cup of 2% milk and a cup of half&half as I already had it on hand. i also added an extra tablespoon of pumpkin..mmm) If you’re anything like me and can’t get enough pumpkin flavour this time of the year, try this quick & delicious recipe. It’s a great substitute for the pumpkin spice latte & a fraction of the price. Go ahead and make a few extra servings for tomorrow’s coffee break. Your colleagues & friends will love you forever!



  1. epavuk said:

    Sounds yummy, Angela! I’m going to try this at work and I’ll let you know how it goes over <3

  2. YUM! I may experiment with using almond milk in this recipe…I adore pumpkin everything!

    • mmm, that sounds yummy! Let me know how it turns out. Make sure you strain through a mesh sieve! I thought I could skip this little step & was left with a *chunky* pumpkin coffee, ha.

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