too early, to quit

[Positive Inking]

Sorry for the lack of posts. Again. But I promise there is a worthy explanation as to why I’ve been away. I’m busy crossing off goals on that list of mine! Well, kind of. Yesterday was full of a wide range of emotions. I was offered a Marketing Coordinator position which led to dancing, jumping and big smiles, typical Angela behavior when something good happens. Shortly after that quick celebration, I began the Visa process. Long story, short: In most cases I would be eligible for the work permit under the NAFTA Act, but because it’s a “Marketing Coordinator” position and not a “Graphic Designer” I’m not. Which in turn means, I will have to go through the lengthy, dreadful process. Unfortunately, the company cannot afford to wait 3 months. I’m crossing my fingers & toes, guys!

Must stay optimistic. If this doesn’t work out, I will find something – Promise you that!

Have a lovely weekend!




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