sofa hunters

love every last bit of this room!

Normally I wouldn’t go for a sofa in white, but this looks so cozy. The possibilities are endless here with the various throws & pillows out there to liven it up.

This sofa is absolute perfection & with that ampersand pillow, I’m sold!

The last 3 weeks have been dedicated to finding a sofa. This is the first time I had to play an active role in choosing a couch. It’s a bit overwhelming I tell ya! Have you recently purchased a new sofa? Any preference on fabric or tips you’d like to share?



[Sofa 1] [2] [3] [4]

  1. G said:

    I belive the best couches are those that are comfy and you sink into but must hold up to the sturdy test! And most of all you must fall in love with the style. Make sure that the sofa pillows are easy to refill because sometimes they can become flat faster then you want them to. Fun Fun shopping……Good luck! -G

    • thanks, G! Yes, comfort is very important in this house. Update: we bought a sofa! Can’t wait to post pics. xx

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