meet me at the campfire

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Yes! The weekend is here! Every single night this week I was up past 1 am working away which is why I am so excited to shut down the computer and head off to the mountains for a night of camping! I put together a few of my camping essentials. A warm sweater for the crisp evening, DIY trail mix, owl coffee mug (so cute!) and most importantly, cozy socks. What’s on your camping list? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the marshmallows! YUM.

Any fun plans this weekend? Hope you’re able to sneak away from the computer and enjoy the outdoors as well! Have a lovely one!

ps: I had another job interview this morning & it went so well. Fingers crossed!



  1. First person to comment on this post wins all of the camping essentials, right? muahaha. But really, love all this gear! Currently fantasizing about wearing that outfit while sipping coffee and eating trail mix :)

    • yes, it’s all yours! :) Wish we were sipping coffee together!

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