checkin’ it off

Picking up & moving my entire life (insert exaggeration here) to Canada has been quite the adventure. The first weeks were new & exciting, but now that I’m coming down from that high I’ve realized how much work I have to do! Maybe this was triggered by a little funk I’ve been in the past few days or the summer coming to an end. Either way, there’s a lot to do so I’m making a list & hoping to scratch everything off by Nov 1. This way I’ll be ready to welcome the holidays as a satisfied girl!

And the list begins:

– Run 5 days a week (the hills here have reminded me I need to pick it up a notch)
– Buy & fill a new address book with all my contacts
– Make-over my blog!
– Start a weekly series post (any ideas?)
– Read three novels
– Find & begin a job here in Edmonton (just re-signed my other contract!)
– Make brunch for friends that I haven’t made just yet.. It’s so hard to make friends when you’re 
   working from home & completely new to a city! Any tips??

What are you hoping to accomplish before the holidays? How do you keep track of your to-do lists?  Let’s make it happen!

Can you believe it’s September tomorrow? Absolutely crazy! here’s a little song to keep that summer feelin’ just a while longer..

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hannes said:

    Tips to make friends: hang out at the VIP Zone, make brunch for Hannes, go to CS meetings with Hannes, meet Hannes for lunch sometime next week on campus

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