A Danish Fairytale

You can’t help but smile at these two. So sweet!


exquisite cake & champagne immediately after the ceremony.

Min Hannah, as beautiful as ever!

Danish wedding traditions are so cute! We tapped our glasses with silverware for a kiss on their chairs and stomped our feet for a bride & groom kiss under the table.

My favourite Danish tradition (and one I hope to adopt!) when the Groom leaves the room, male guests take this as a cue to kiss the Bride and vice versa – when the Bride leaves, the ladies run to kiss the Groom.

The Bridal Waltz – Is your heart melting yet?

A delicious brunch the next morning to end the perfect wedding weekend with our favourite pair!

I remember talking about this day three & half years earlier when Hannah was first moving to Aarhus. We had a little going away party at my apartment where we danced & teased Hannah about leaving the States. We all knew she belonged in Denmark with Anders. After visiting the two in Aarhus, I confirmed there wasn’t a more fitting place for Hannah. I knew it wouldn’t be long before these two were exchanging vows & spending the rest of their lives together. What I didn’t know was I’d be bringing the most amazing date, my handsome prince, along to celebrate my best friend marrying the man of her dreams! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation. So magical & full of love.

Now we’re all anxiously waiting for the “we’re having a baby” call… eeeaa:)



  1. Raydawg said:

    Angie! When is your turn? :D

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