I made it, i made it!

The river valley at the end of our street. Loving all the greenery & parks here.

Welcome flowers, Kinder surprise (illegal in the US) and Maple Syrup on our new dining room table. Such a happy, sweet arrival surprise.

First impressions of Edmonton are great. It’s a reasonably-sized city with a small town feel.

I’m so grateful for my wonderful friends, colleagues and family that made moving here so much easier with their support. The last few weeks were full of goodbye parties, delicious food, tears, presents, hugs, good conversation and loving faces. I am such a lucky gal.

Moving makes you re-realize that time with one another is limited. The weather is still beautiful, Plan a picnic with your favourite pal today, would ya?

Off now to fix myself a cup of espresso as I work on catching up on all the new projects I received in the last 24 hours.

Happy Wednesday!

  1. G said:

    The flowers are beautiful! Good job Greg! :) What a serene scene just steps away…I can’t get any more jealous! Hugs and love! -G

    • Yes, our location would be perfect for our afternoon lunch walks. Miss you, G!

  2. epavuk said:

    So happy you made it there safely and what a wonderful surprise that Greg had there for you! The pictures are lovely and you sound so happy!!

    • He’s so wonderful, isn’t he? :) Can’t wait to show you all of this in person! Love you!

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