hey, there.

I’m back! I basically took the past two months off, but with good reason. Please forgive me. All the changes coming up are going to allow me to really focus on my blog & designing! Yippee!

Here are a couple of the highlights that have kept me away:
Scandinavian Vacation to see my best friend marry the man of her dreams!
Signed a 3 month contract on top of my 8-5. Whew, I’ve been working my little tail off..

Lastly, planning my big move to the Great White North! Yes, you heard me right. I’m moving to Canada. Edmonton, to be exact. Not exactly sure on how I feel about the city itself, but my guy is there & this whole long distance thing needs to come to an end. This will also give me time to really work on projects I love. I could not be more excited for this big step. Keep your fingers crossed that the move goes well. I’m nervous, guys! But in order to make big things happen you have to keep moving forward, right?

Now for a little peek of our Scandinavian vacation. More to come soon!


  1. What a beautiful wedding! Where did you take the first photo?!?…I’m obsessed, need to go wherever that is!!!

  2. Bergen, Norway. It was absolutely gorgeous, Brigid. I’ll be posting more soon! Be prepared to drool..

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