happy feet

I’m so happy to finally update my blog. The past two weeks flew by! I never realized how much time it really takes to keep up with this thing. As I stroll the streets or come across lovely, inspirational works I think “ahh, i can share that with my loveys” but then life happens. Going to try harder, promise. On my way to work Wednesday I quickly had to exit the el as my body was ready to collapse. This was a wake up call that I needed more time to myself.  So Wednesday night I came home and slept. It felt so good to finally unwind and dream away. Even though I’m still recovering from the last few weeks, I would do it all over again!

Now that I’m feeling much more lively, here is a little taste of what last Monday looked like. My mom & I spent hours upon hours seeking the perfect pair of shoes for every little boy & girl in the Head Start class. Their sweet little smiles and enthusiasm for jumping high & running fast in their new shoes made all of it worthwhile. Playful Soles was a huge success! There’s even an extra $700 leftover for supplies and books! Thank you again to those who supported this worthy cause.

Can you imagine 20 kids giving you a bear hug? That amount of love is indescribable. eaaa:)

Heading to Wisconsin this weekend for a letterpress workshop with my cousin, Abby. I’ve been waiting years to visit The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum! So so excited! Look out for a post on our trip next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

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