extracting happiness


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Life at times can be unfair & rough, but I believe we’re completely responsible for whether or not we’re happy. Let’s take note of the common things that bring us happiness – I promise it will bring a smile to your face.

Here’s a little list of common things that made me happy this morning:

– the beautiful colours used in the pattern above – Hannes Beer’s All Day Everyday Project
– not having to brush my hair before work – not only does this give my hair a nice wave, but i get to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes!
– a quick phone call with my mom. she is always so lively at 7 am!
– reading my book on the el

Make a list of the common things that make you happy & share it with me!



  1. Tricia said:

    – seeing someone you love sound asleep and peaceful
    – hearing a song you love played on the radio and have it resonate directly with your mood
    – wearing anything new for the first time
    – watching other people being selfless and kind to others at no personal gain
    – being somewhere and knowing that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the whole world at that moment
    – being in love

  2. ah, i love your list! the fifth one immediately took me back to some of those “moments” – feeling all warm inside. xx

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