this past week & a new hat

My mind and heart are completely at it right now. There are sooo many challenging & exciting happenings going on. Huge decisions are to be made that make it nearly impossible for me to calm down. It will all work itself out though, right? Right.

Here are a few of the brighter bits going on:

I spontaneously bought a bib for the Indy Half Marathon last minute from a former classmate of mine. Running for charities has always been my way of giving back, but this time around I did not have any charity to run for. After volunteering for Head Start a couple weeks back I knew exactly what I had to do! I took on the challenge to raise $500 by May 5th to buy the children of Head Start a proper pair of gym shoes. So far, it’s going fantastic! I cannot wait to put new shoes on all these little darlings! My mom even phoned yesterday to tell me that one of the little boys asked when I’d be back! Ah, big smiles! Check it out and make a donation if you can: Playful Soles

Along with starting Playful Soles, I finalized 2 freelance design projects!  Working hard deserves a treat, yeah? Done.

Officially booked my ticket to Scandinavia for my bestfriend’s wedding in Copenhagen! I’m so, so excited! These two silly lovebirds are the cutest couple ever. My heart jumps for joy every time I think about how beautiful my Bella is going to look walking down the aisle. eaaa!

After booking my ticket, I came across this hat! An absolute must have for any European trip! Hurry up, June 18th!

Now, let’s begin the weekend! It’s going to be a splendid one!

Happy weekend, loveys!


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