a good friday, indeed.

it’s been a while since I’ve written a little, I promise to try harder! Life has been all sorts of crazy! But in a good way. Last Friday was my first day off in soo long and while sleeping in sounded amazing, volunteering was much more worthy of my time. We (these cool kids& i) spent the first chunk of the day dancing to songs & reading books. The dancing was almost harder than my daily workout! whew! Who needs espresso when you have all this energy?

It’s absolutely incredible what these young minds come up with. There’s just something so wonderful about a child’s curiosity. Sometimes they ask questions that make you really question the petty things we stress about. And with all the nonsense going on today it’s refreshing to get an innocent perspective of the world. Thanks, little ones. I needed just that.

Have you done any volunteering lately? How was your experience? And how do you fit it in your busy schedule?

The afternoon was spent over in the art area. Check out these wonderful paintings!  We welcomed the holiday & beautiful weather with a garden of flowers. Happy Spring!




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