72 hours in Stockholm after running the London Marathon consisted mainly of lazy days in the park, heaps of beer, good eats, dreaming/analyzing life/catchups with my Austrian girlfriend, Claudia who made the trip over. Having her in Stockholm after such an emotional/whirlwind trip was such a blessing. Can’t believe how quickly time has flown since this visit. 6 months! I know I’ve been the worse at sharing photos + travels, but these definitely needed to make their debut;) This trip was a defining one – the beginning of a new chapter:) One that is proving to be much more awesome than I had ever imagined.. life is funny that way, eh!?

We’ve both been to Stockholm a few times so there wasn’t any pressure to see anything. Instead we enjoyed the lovely design of the city and the fresh, laid back lifestyle the Swedes are known for. And North America, please adopt Fika!!! Breaks are a good thing:)


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I’ve always been the kind of girl that insists on bringing healthy lunches into work. But man was I slacker this summer! It’s so much easier to agree to beers + cookies in the park, right?! Quinoa & mixed salads can only satisfy you for so long!!! Well, so I thought. Kendra & I stopped by Tractor, a cafeteria-style restaurant in Kitsilano for a dinner mainly consisting of salads. There were about 12 different options, and absolutely nothing boring about any of them! Who has a hard time choosing a salad!?! this girl.  I recommend the quinoa, blueberries, butternut squash, basil and mint salad:) It has restored my motivation in concocting quinoa dishes once again. Hop on over to Kendra’s blog for the full scoop!



We’re back to our series after a short hiatus + couldn’t be more excited to share this incredibly yummy + cute bakery with you! Over the summer I met Uli, the sweet owner of SweetSalt at the grocery store. She offered me a sample of apfelkuchen & it instantly took me back to my days in Germany. They’re very serious about their baking over there! Anyway, you don’t have to jump on a plane to treat yourself to delicious bread + pastries!! Head over to Fraser St. + 19th Ave and there sits a family-focused bakery and café, SweetSalt.


a heavenly assortment of German pretzels and Brötchen – I took a few to go for sandwiches during the week. (they didn’t make it through the weekend;)


We hung out in the back while the baker prepared traditional plum scones from scratch! Mmm!


Kendra was really into the German pretzel roll:)


The apfelkuchen was just as delicious as I remembered earlier this summer!


If you haven’t made it over there yet, do so! And if you have kiddies, even better!! They offer baking classes for the little ones. I’m a pretty big fan of their genuine family-focused values + of course their willingness to share their traditional German recipes with us:)

Guten Appetit!

3497 Fraser Street





I’m so excited to share this special morning with you guys! It was quite a challenge to narrow down the photos to just a few. Jan Heuninck did such a wonderful job at capturing our little brunch:)

Cocktails. Good conversation. Waffles. Awesome women – I’d say that’s a recipe for a good morning. Finding a reason to have friends over + host a party is something I quite often do. This idea of hosting creatives popped in my head after moving here over a year ago. I would often show up to events that focused on selling a product or service – not much emphasis was put on the actual attendees + their experience. Where was all the good conversation happening? I want to be there. After brainstorming with Kendra, Sweet Happenings came about. We decided to collaborate + throw a brunch for creatives that focused on creating a community. This was a morning of women coming together to relax + enjoy one another’s company over simply made fresh food + drinks. It was inspired by celebrating relationships, old + new.

It’s so often we get caught up in the daily grind that we forget to just be. This brunch was meant to remind us to enjoy the small, sweet happenings our life brings.

My lovely little garden was perfect in setting the intimate, warm ambiance we were hoping to achieve.

side note: It actually wasn’t planned to exclusively be women (turned out that way, ha!) but for future gatherings we’re hoping to invite all creatives, male + female: engineers, scientists, artists, architects, teachers – you know, anyone really into creating + sharing their stories;)


The goal was to keep everything simple + fresh. We put together a spread of different ingredients for our Smørrebrød, Danish open-face sandwiches which allowed guests to make their own sandwiches. Super easy + so yummy!


Olla flowers created these gorgeous arrangements for the tables. The women at Olla are fantastic! We told them a little bit about our event and they exceeded our expectations by far! Collaborating with local businesses is where it’s at;)

sweet-happenings-creative-brunch_04sweet-happenings-creative-brunch_08 copysweet-happenings-creative-brunch_05sweet-happenings-creative-brunch_07sweet-happenings-creative-brunch_11sweet-happenings-creative-brunch_20

Greenhorn Cafe, easily my favourite cafe in Vancouver provided the Belgian waffles for our waffle bar! Fruit toppings, jam, and nutella and you’ve got yourself some satisfied guests.

gin + elderflower cocktails (i can’t quit making these!!), wine, and a coffee bar – mmm! 

We exchanged stories about our passions, struggles, travels, global issues – i left completely inspired by these women!


Kendra created a lovely floral backdrop for photo ops. And after we filled our apartments with the flowers;)


Kendra designed the loveliest bouquets + watercolour tags for the ladies to take home. These ladies were awesome! Thank you to everyone who came out + shared their Saturday morning with us. It was such a delight to learn more about you and I can’t wait to see your sweet faces again soon! I’m already looking forward to our next event;)

Photography by: Jan Heuninck
Florals by: Olla Urban Flower Project
Styling +  Individual floral arrangements: Kendra Murphy for Prenta
Art Direction + Styling + Menu : Angela Grayce Design
Belgian waffle bar: Greenhorn Cafe



This weekend was one for the books! Our sweet happenings brunch went off without a hitch and I just can’t stop smiling. I had to fight the urge to skip into work. seriously. I also got an entire eight hours of sleep last night so that may have induced the little dance while i got ready this morning;)

here’s a little peek of saturday morning, expect a fully loaded post soon!!





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